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Rights and relationship with parents

This film clip explains gender equality between boys and girls, and their rights as young people. A case is shown where a girl talks about how unfair it is that she has more duties to carry out around the home than her brother, and how it affects their individual development

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Obligations and responsibilities

This film clip explains the rights of young boys and girls in relation to their parents, and the parents’ right to make decisions for their children. A case is shown of a brother and sister, and their mother where they tell how the mother had different rules for the daughter than the son, but that now they are treated equally with the same amount of trust

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Friends and leisure time

This film clip explains young boys’ and girls’ right to choose which education they would like to take and which leisure activities they would like to attend. The film clip shows 3 young girls who tell how they broke the norms and started going to martial arts and playing football

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Relationships and sex life

This film clip tells about boys’ and girls’ rights in relation to their choice of boyfriend or girlfriend and their sex life. In the clip, a young couple with different ethnic backgrounds tell of their choice to get married against the wishes of the woman’s parents

You can also read more about gender equality and rights in Denmark by downloading the RIGHT TO GENDER EQUALITY course booklet here

Click here to read more about the campaign, RIGHT TO GENDER EQUALITY

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