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Gender equality in the labour market

This film clip is about gender equality in the labour market, and equal economic rights and expectations for women and men. In the clip, a Lebanese couple tell about their experience of adjusting to the woman going out to work after they came to Denmark. They explain how it has affected the family’s economy and their children’s upbringing.

Red Course, Film clip 2,
Gender equality in marriage

This film clip is about gender equality in marriage and explains both women’s and men’s rights in the event of divorce. In the clip, a Danish couple talk about their decision to get divorced because they were no longer in love. They tell how they are now good friends and share responsibility for their children.

Red course, film clip 3,
Children’s rights and upbringing

This film clip is about gender equality between boys and girls during their upbringing, and how girls and boys have more rights and responsibilities as they get older. A kindergarten teacher explains what kind of upbringing can benefit boys’ and girls’ development equally, and what expectations are placed on both sexes.

Red Course, Film clip 4,
Youth and independence

This film clip is about the rights and independence of young people in relation to their parents. The film tells about young people’s right to self-determination. In the clip, a mother talks with her daughter and son about her worries for her daughter and how she had stricter rules for her than her son. The brother and sister describe how their mother has realized that the daughter must be treated with trust and how she has, therefore, changed her rules.

You can also read more about gender equality and rights in Denmark by downloading the RIGHT TO GENDER EQUALITY course booklet here.

Click here to read more about the campaign, RIGHT TO GENDER EQUALITY.

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