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,Foundation course, film clip 1
Gender equality in Denmark

This film clip informs about gender equality in Denmark and explains how men and women have equal opportunities in society and the public domain. During the film, people on the street in Copenhagen talk about the impact of gender equality on their lives

,Foundation course, film clip 2
Work and personal economy

This film clip is about both women and men working in Denmark and gender equality in the Danish labour market. In the clip, we hear from a Lebanese couple about how they adapted to life in Danish society. They tell how the woman had to start working and how the man had to accommodate this change, together with what was positive about this shift in their lives

,Foundation course, film clip 3
Marriage and divorce

This film clip is about women’s and men’s equal rights and obligations in marriage as well as divorce. In the clip, a woman tells her story of how she was in an arranged marriage with a man who was violent towards her. She tells how she got help from the authorities and her network to obtain a divorce

,Foundation course, film clip 4
Children’s upbringing and rights

This film clip is about gender equality between boys and girls, explaining that girls and boys have the same rights in Danish society and must be brought up to bear equal responsibility in society. A kindergarten teacher explains how boys and girls are educated equally in Danish day care centres and how both sexes learn about responsibility and community

,Foundation course, film clip 5
Youth and independence

This film clip is about adolescents’ right to self-determination and their rights as they grow older and come of age. In the clip, a young couple talk about how they chose to go against their parents’ wishes and get married. They say how happy they are together and that now they have a good relationship with their parents, who have accepted their marriage

You can also read more about gender equality and rights in Denmark by downloading the RIGHT TO GENDER EQUALITY course booklet here

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